Council refuses to cut down Jacaranda tree at couple’s Sydney home despite fears of a crush

A Sydney couple live in fear that their home could be crushed at any moment by a Jacaranda tree large enough to cover seven properties, but they can’t tear it down.

An elderly couple in Sydney live in constant fear that their home might be crushed by a huge Jacaranda tree in their backyard, but Council refuses to remove it due to a “green policy”.

Ian and Roz, who live in Sydney’s central suburb of Chippendale, had their home completely engulfed by the tree, which has grown so large that it even covers six neighboring properties.

“The tree has taken over our deck and we find it terribly difficult to get around our little bridge with the huge Jacaranda trunk leaning and occupying the entire space,” Ian said. A topical story.

“It’s scary,” Roz said. “You can hear the branches creak and groan and you think, ‘Will one fall on the bedroom roof?’”

“At night we lie in bed fearing that the tree will fall on us because when it’s windy it creaks, groans and drops branches everywhere,” he said.

The Jacaranda also leans at a 45-degree angle towards their home, which only adds to the couple’s fears that the tree could fall at any moment.

When Ian and Roz first bought the house 15 years ago, the tree was a modest feature of the yard. It has now become an imposing giant that has broken the foundations of the decking installed around it.

Retirees said they made three separate applications to Sydney City Council to remove the tree and “replace it with a native tree,” but each time they were turned down.

“They are not really interested, because there is actually nothing wrong with the tree. It’s healthy, ”Roz said.

“They (the council) don’t make a commitment to be safe, they just say it’s a green Sydney, and that’s the most important thing to them: that it’s healthy and it’s green.”

Council said it would allow the couple to cut the tree’s branches, which extend “very high” and span six neighboring properties. But the pair say it wouldn’t make any difference to their deck space.

“They (the council) will not take into account that the tree has taken over our house, is dropping branches on us and is damaging the foundation,” Roz said.

“It’s not fair since we would replace it with something modest.”

Originally published as Sydney council refuses to remove Jacaranda tree which could crush the couple’s home