Daniel Andrews’ office rejects Andrew Bogut’s claims about TikTok critics

Australian basketball icon Andrew Bogut aired extraordinary claims about Daniel Andrews’ office that were rejected outright.

Outspoken former Australian basketball player Andrew Bogut has aired claims that the Victorian government is trying to silence him, saying Premier Daniel Andrews’ office openly rejects.

Bogut was a vocal critic of the Andrews government’s decisions during the pandemic and he did Spoken openly against vaccine blockades and mandates.

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He recently wondered why more Aussie celebrities, including other athletes, weren’t blowing up to be kept in their homes as Victoria dealt with new waves of coronavirus cases.

But the former top pick in the NBA draft took things beyond the radio this week.

Speaking to the Triple M Breakfast show with MG, Jess and Pagey on Wednesday, Bogut accused the Victorian government of “trying to pay TikTok influencers to do some hit songs” on him.

Bogut was asked if he ever thought about moving away from social media and his 408,000 Twitter followers because there is “always backlash” in his comments.

He said he received “every threat under the sun” for speaking out against the Victorian government.

Then this: “Yesterday, I found out some surprising news that the Victorian government was trying to pay people late last year, the TikTok influencers, to do some blockbuster pieces on the old Boges,” he said.

“Confirmed yesterday. This actually lit a fire below me to keep going. It is what it is.”

The Triple M team did not dispute Bogut’s claims and Victoria did not provide any supporting evidence.

News.com.au reached out to the Premier’s office for comment and a spokesperson said the claims were not true.

“These are wildly false claims, with no factual basis or supporting evidence.”

In August last year, when thousands of Victorians marched in defiance of Andrews government rules that included mandatory vaccinations for essential workers, Bogut posted a video on Instagram.

He said it was time for others in privileged positions like yours to start talking about what he believes is the wrong thing.

“This is not a left against a right and you who are on team politics, either side, right or left, miss the point,” said Bogut. “You are divided, you are contending against each other, right.

“But you athletes and you influencers who have all these sponsors and marketers behind you pushing plebs who buy your shit, where is your voice? Why are none of you talking?

“The same people who buy your fucking deodorants and your moisturizers and your candles and your Nike shoes, whatever they are – the same people who buy that are the ones who are most affected by this shit.

“Imagine you are told that you are not essential to go to work and make money for your family.

“The people who are blue collar and out in the public and in the workforce and off the road all day, aren’t they deemed essential? No, I’m not rolling. “

Bogut said it was unfair that someone like him could work while commenting on the Olympics for Channel 7, while others who need to make money for their family and make a living have not had the same opportunities.

He continued his jaw-dropping spray, saying “silence is deafening” from people in privileged positions, before making more accusations.

“When we have people who have a following, who have thousands and hundreds of thousands and a few million people who follow their every word, who respect what they say for whatever reason … whether you are an actor, an actress, a star sport, an influencer who got a nice job with boobs and good looks, I don’t care. Whoever you are, why don’t we hear you talk? ” Bogut said.

“The silence is deafening. Let me give you the reason.

“Last year, about three or four months into this pandemic, I got a message from someone. I’m not going to name who he was or where he came from. I was offered money to run a service announcement. public, for you everyday plebs to stay home. It would have been something like this: “Hi, I’m Andrew Bogut … it’s your duty to stay home. Do the right thing for the community.”

“’Stay home, do the right thing for the community, we are all involved together.’ I refuse to do that shit.

“Put two and two together. Why do you think many of these people have not spread these messages? Why do you think people post contrary messages saying, ‘Do the right thing. Don’t do this, don’t do it. You have to stay at home. You are not essential, I am ‘.

“They get paid for that shit for the most part.”

The basketball icon went on to say that Australian championships athletes had been “locked away” from criticizing the state and federal governments’ approaches to addressing the pandemic.

“To the athletes under contract in our major championships in Australia … they have been told that you must not make anti-lockdown and anti-government statements on social media, period, no matter how drastic they are, because it affects our championship that remains. open and you have a salary, “Bogut said.

“That’s why these people aren’t fighting for you.”

Bogut did not provide details on any specific examples.

with James Matthey

Originally published as Daniel Andrews’ office rejects Andrew Bogut’s extraordinary TikTok claims