Varun Dubey: Varun Dubey, chief marketing officer of Ola Electric, leaves the mobility company

Bangalore: Electric Ola Head of Marketing Varun Dubey He resigned from the Bengaluru-based mobility company, adding to the recent wave of exits from the company, several people aware of the matter told ETtech.

A spokesperson for Ola confirmed Dubey’s departure and said he had moved on for personal reasons.

Dubey was actively involved in Ola’s customer engagement events and was responsible for the marketing activities of the mobility company. Dubey joined Ola in 2019 in his fintech business. Since then, he has risen through the ranks to head the company’s marketing function. Before joining Ola, he worked for five years with the healthcare startup Practo. Dubey also worked at technology company Qualcomm.

ETtech reported this on May 6
Ola’s used car market CEO Arun Sirdeshmukh is leaving. We also reported on May 8 that Dinesh Radhakrishnan, who was managing critical engineering functions at both Ola Electric and Ola Cabs, had also resigned.

Dubey’s exit is noteworthy as he was seen as a close associate of Ola’s founder and chief executive officer (CEO) Bhavish Aggarwal.

The exits of top executives in recent weeks come at a time when Ola Electric is facing backlash from customers among vehicles catching fire. In
The Ola Electric scooter caught fire on March 26 post announced by the company a
recall of more than 1,441 vehicles on 24 April.

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