Republicans and Joe Manchin block the bill to codify abortion rights

Republicans and Senate Democrat Joe Manchin have teamed up to block the advancement of legislation that would federally codify the right to abortion.

All Republicans and Democrats in the Senate Joe Manchin (WV) voted against advancing legislation to protect a woman’s right to abortion. The Democrats failed to get the 60 votes needed to push the legislation forward.

Schumer warns Republicans that the American people are watching and will not forget

Before the vote, Senate Majority Leader Schumer told the Senate chamber:

Legislation before this chamber is simple: it would codify what Americans already believe that the right to choose whether to abort or not belongs to women, not elected politicians.

It will retain the safeguard that conservative judges seem ready to tear down in a few weeks. If they follow their decision, the United States, which has always aspired to the expansion of rights, will take a shameful and repressive step back.

Our kids will grow up in a country with fewer rights than those that preceded them.

This decision, if formalized, would be remembered as one of the worst and most damaging cases in the entire history of the Supreme Court.

So this is not a theoretical exercise, oh no; protecting the right to choose, at this critical time, is one of the most consequential votes we could take.

And the American people are watching; the public will not forget which side of the vote the senators fall today.

They will not forget who voted to protect their freedoms.

And they will not forget those responsible for the largest retreat of individual freedoms in half a century.

Across the country, the far right is determined to bring women’s rights back to the stone age, and we in the Senate must respond.

Republicans and Manchin show America where they are

America, the alleged beacon of democracy and freedom around the world is watching the biggest human rights setback in half a century that comes close to reality Because some senators are more concerned with protecting filibuster than protecting women.

The nation should be embarrassed and ashamed and pledged to elect in favor of the choice in November so that the largest human rights crime in the United States in half a century can be overturned.