Vicky White: The last chilling words from the fugitive prison chief

The audio captured what may be the last words of fugitive prison officer Vicky White, who ran away with her lover.

The chilling audio of 911 seemed to capture former prison chief Vicky White telling her fugitive boyfriend Casey White in his final moments that they should “get out and escape” from their car, before shooting themselves in the head as police approached. .

“The airbags are going off! Let’s get out and run! “A woman, believed to be Vicky, says as the sirens sound, according to audio obtained by News Country.

Seconds later, the 56-year-old woman pointed the gun at herself behind the wheel of the runaway car in Evansville, Indiana, southwest of Indianapolis, marking the end of the lovebirds’ 11-day escape. The New York Post.

On Tuesday night, the Vanderburgh County Coroner’s Office ruled this out Vicky died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, CBS News reported.

The newly released police dashcam video captured the frantic moments Casey, 38, an Alabama inmate and capital murder suspect, was arrested following a savage police chase.

Vicky was reportedly still breathing and holding her gun when cops arrived at the vehicle, which tipped over on its side after being rammed.

“He still has the gun in his hand,” an officer is heard saying. “Fingers on the trigger.”

The policeman adds: “I’ll go get the gun first.”

Deputy Marshal Chad Hunt, commander of the Gulf Coast Regional Fugitive Task Force, said Casey quickly surrendered.

“His immediate words to our team were: ‘Please help my wife. She just shot herself in the head, ‘”Hunt told reporters, although authorities said there is no evidence that the two ever married.

How the couples of fugitives were identified

Meanwhile, Evansville police detective Darren Richardson described how he tracked down the fugitives after authorities got the tip that they were spotted in the Cadillac.

“After getting this information, I started checking local hotels. Some of the places I thought they might be, ”Richardson told 44 News. “I wasn’t able to locate them at the time.”

But as he was walking home after his shift, he noticed the two.

“I happened to look further and saw a Cadillac that matched the description of what the fugitives had,” he told the news, saying he alerted the US Marshal.

“He asked me if I could take the license plate. So, I went back, walked across the parking lot and brought him the license plate, ”Det Richardson said.

“Law enforcement, their job is to go and catch the bad guys, especially when you have two fugitives on the run for as long as they were.

“Especially to find out they were here in Evansville. And to close the family in Alabama and just to know that the two people we were looking for are now astray, “he told the Indiana TV show. 44 News.

Escape from Alabama

The fugitives – who had had a “love affair in prison” for nearly two years before Vicky White released Casey White, no relative, from Alabama’s Lauderdale County Jail on April 29 – were found hiding at Motel 41. in Evansville, where they paid a local homeless man to rent a room for 14 days, Vanderburgh County Sheriff David Wedding said Tuesday.

Paul Shah, the motel manager, told 44 News it was “shocking and surprising” that the two ended up at his house.

“Because they chose Evansville,” he told the outlet, adding that he only knows that the person who rented their room paid for two weeks.

“We didn’t see any suspicious activity,” Shah said. “Nothing.”

On Tuesday afternoon, Shah told reporters that Vicky and Casey “weren’t officially guests here,” the Evansville Courier Print reported.

He said the renter is a “local”, but that “the cops told me not to release anything until the whole investigation was completed.”

Casey was reportedly brought back to Alabama Tuesday night for his first court appearance.

Upon his subpoena, Judge Ben Graves informed him that he will be charged with first-degree flight, in addition to the capital murder charges he was already facing in connection with the 2015 death of Connie Ridgeway, according to CNN.

This story first appeared in The New York Post and is reproduced with permission.

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