Eastman’s Emails Reveal He Wanted PA Lawmakers To Eliminate Ballots “For Cover”

When experts say 2020 will be a dry run or 2024 practice, that’s what they mean. There is a theory that, under the 12th Amendment, state legislatures have sole control over which voters are sent to the constituency. And they are not required to send voters for the person with the most votes, nor can a court review their actions. This morning, Politico reports that emails from Trump attorney John Eastman show that Eastman attempted to persuade members of the Pennsylvania legislature to throw out some absentee ballots and then give Trump a “cover” to send them. Trump voters to be counted on December 15 and January 6. According to politic:

Attorney John Eastman urged Republican lawmakers in Pennsylvania to retabulate the state’s popular vote – and throw out tens of thousands of absentee ballots – in order to show Donald Trump an edge, according to newly discovered emails sent in. December 2020, as Trump lobbied GOP lawmakers to subvert his defeat.

This recalculation, he postulated in an exchange with a state GOP lawmaker, would “help provide cover” for Republicans to replace Joe Biden’s voters by the state with a pro-Trump voter list, part of a last-ditch effort to overturn the election results.

According to the exchange, Eastman suggested that GOP lawmakers could simply cite their concerns about Pennsylvania’s absentee voting procedures and then use historical data to “discount each candidate’s totals by a proportional amount based on the percentage of absenteeism of those candidates otherwise received “.

In other words, simply manipulate the tabs of the votes into a figure that you think is acceptable and in line with who you want to win.

Republicans understand that if every American voted, they would be a permanent minority party from now until a time when they have produced a platform with policies and ideas that appeal to people and help people in general. Well, Republicans have no intention of changing their beliefs, and so we have seen an increasingly desperate party. They go from voter ID to the end of mail-order voting, ending Sunday “Souls to the Polls”, making the distribution of food and water illegal, automatically eliminating voters if they haven’t voted in the last two elections, and now to the point that a legislator state can literally ignore its state’s vote and adapt it to whatever it wants.

Experts who have the sources have warned that the 2024 strategy is to use the “theory” of the 12th Amendment (that state lawmakers have total control over which voters are sent and are not constitutionally required to send those of the majority of the voters) and if that doesn’t work, get elected to the House of Representatives, where Republicans will almost always win due to votes from small conservative states weighted equally with California, New York and Illinois.

Eastman’s emails take a look inside the MAGA movement’s plans for 2024 as the right moves further and further away from Democracy.