Here, see some congresses! Or some baby shark! Your choice, it doesn’t matter.

In the mood for the elegant and functional thing that is “Congress”? You are so lucky, because there are some hearings going on.

Here are Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley, who are testing before a House committee. Since Republicans are very serious people, they will probably spend most of their time asking Milley why he did it. hours of history of the drag queen of critical race theory to Donald Trump. Or, you know, whatever they’re complaining about today.

Maybe they’ll be mad Milley and Austin haven’t found the Supreme Court leaker. Of course I bet.

And if that’s not what you want to watch, then well, watch Dr. Anthony Fauci on another House committee, in a hearing already in progress.

What if That that’s not what you want to hear, so GOOD HERE IT IS BABY SHARK, ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?

You are literally all looking at Baby Shark right now. None of you are watching Congress.

We can say.

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