Branford High School crack down on cell phone use

Hartford, Connecticut (WFSB) – Branford High School students will now have to hand over their cell phones when they enter the classroom.

The new rules on mobile phones went into effect on Monday.

Students can still use them during the study room and lunch, but once in the classroom they will no longer have access to their phones.

Shanti Patel, a senior at Branford High School, says her phone is a lifeline.

“I do everything on my phone,” says Patel.

Students say they communicate with friends and family throughout the day.

“I use my cell phone a lot. I love using my cell phone, “says Patel.

Branford High says they are trying to suppress any potential distractions. This includes the delivery of devices such as the Air Pod or Apple Watch. The school says students will pick them up when class is over.

“You’ll put your cell phone in your pocket and at the end of the class, when the doorbell rings, you pick it up,” says Branford senior Tyler Jarvis.

The new rule was first reported in the student newspaper last week. In a letter sent to families, the school states: “The use of cell phones by students in the classroom affects our academic goal of supporting a high level of education and experience for all Branford High School students and maintaining an environment of positive learning that is responsive and respectful of the needs of each student “.

The school says it is not a complete ban, students will be able to use their phones when they are not in the classroom.

“I feel like having our cell phones is another way we can learn. It’s a wonderful resource if you have to google or search for something. The Chromebook blocks and filters a lot of the things on the Internet, ”says Patel.

The first offense to anyone trying to get around the cell phone rule is a conversation between student and teacher.

The punishments will increase in severity for those who are repeat offenders. The punishments will range from calling the student’s parents, to detention, to school suspension.

“I feel that a lot of kids aren’t necessarily happy with the cellphone rule. We like to have our cell phones in the classroom to communicate with our friends and express our ideas. But I understand how the administration can see cell phones as a bad thing, causing a distraction in the classroom when students should focus on the lesson, ”says Jarvis.

The new cell phone rule will be in effect for the remainder of the school year until next year.

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