The 72-year-old Neapolitan walks at the beginning 50 years after graduation


After needing a transplant, 72-year-old Neapolitan Larry Goode walked to the Rollins College commencement ceremony on Sunday.

In 1972 Goode missed his start because he needed a cornea transplant. He went home to get on the transplant list in Washington DC

Goode said, “I reached out to one of my contacts at Rollins in the fall and said, could I do it this year since it’s my reunion here? And she said, ‘You know, no one’s ever asked before.’ “

The answer was yes. That’s right, Goode would have attended the Rollins College commencement ceremony in 2022.

He was thrilled and inspired by the Valedictorian. She is a student with a non-verbal form of autism. She typed in her speech and had it read aloud.

“He passed four years of college 4.0 Grade Point, valedictorian, says Good. “And she did it by having to write down everything he wanted to say.”

Goode is living proof that you are never too old to do what you want.

“I guess, you know, you get to a point in your life where you realize there are more days behind you than there are ahead, says Goode. “And I said it was a place I wanted to go.”

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