Pennsylvania GOP panic over Doug Mastriano

“The best Republicans are organizing a last ditch effort behind the scenes to prevent state Senator Doug Mastriano, a leading voice in the movement to overturn the 2020 election results, from winning the party’s nomination for governor in Pennsylvania,” politic relationships.

Investigator from Philadelphia: “Republican leaders are trying to rally Mastriano’s four main rivals to urge all but one to retreat and support the one with the best number of polls. One version of the proposal plans to rally behind former US Representative Lou Barletta, who was well liked by former President Donald Trump and ranked second in the latest public poll. It’s a week-long ploy before the primary that many Republicans believe is likely to fail. “

“But it reflects panic in some quarters over the likelihood that Mastriano, a far-right senator from Franklin County, will lead the GOP ticket this fall.”

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