Elon Musk wants to lift Donald Trump’s permanent ban on Twitter

Elon Musk thinks banning Trump from Twitter “alienated much of the country” and says he would let him return to the platform.

Elon Musk said he would lift the Twitter ban on former President Donald Trump once he officially takes over the social media platform.

The tycoon Tesla, whose $ 44 billion ($ 61.4 billion) takeover bid was accepted by Twitter’s board last month, he commented on Tuesday during an interview with the Financial Times, relationships New York Post.

“Permanent bans should be extremely rare and really reserved for accounts that are bots, or scam, spam accounts … I think it was incorrect to ban Donald Trump”, Moss She said.

“I think it was a mistake, because it alienated a large part of the country and in the end it didn’t lead Donald Trump have no voice.

“I would like to lift the permanent ban,” added Musk. “I don’t own Twitter yet. So that’s not something that’s going to happen for sure, why and if I don’t own Twitter?

Mr. Trump was removed from Twitter and other large social media platforms following the events at the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021.

The then-president was accused of inciting his supporters to rebel on the Capitol while Congress was in session to officially certify President-elect Joe Biden’s constituency victory.

Musk’s statement on Tuesday is confirmation of previous reports that he vehemently opposed Twitter’s decision to ban the 45th president from his platform.

Jared Birchall, Musk’s chief assistant, who has been described as the “point man” for the Tesla CEO’s $ 44 billion ($ A61.4b) Twitter takeover bid, told a associate that the idea of ​​banning an incumbent president from Twitter was “insane,” according to The Wall Street newspaper.

Musk is reportedly “dismayed” that Trump is not yet authorized to tweet, according to the newspaper, which cited unnamed sources familiar with the situation.

Trump supporters have been excited by the prospect of Musk taking control of Twitter and revising its content moderation policy.

Trump, for his part, has vowed not to return to Twitter, instead promoting his social media platform, Truth Social.

Musk, in a rare public reference to the situation last month, said Truth Social should change its name.

“Truth Social (terrible name) exists because Twitter has censored free speech,” tweeted the founder of Space X. “It should be called Trumpet instead!”

Twitter’s decision to ban Trump was a key point of disagreement between Musk and then CEO Jack Dorsey.

Dorsey was initially against Trump’s removal from Twitter, but came up with the idea after coming to the conclusion that the former president violated the terms of use of the service, according to the. magazine.

However, Dorsey and Musk remained on friendly terms and maintained a dialogue, according to the newspaper.

Dorsey, the Twitter co-founder who stepped down as CEO last year, approved Musk’s imminent purchase of the company, saying the richest man in the world is a “one-size-fits-all” solution for the company. company based in San Francisco.

the magazine He also reported that Musk pondered the possible Twitter purchase earlier this year after speaking with Babylon Bee CEO.

Seth Dillon, CEO of Musk and Babylon Bee, spoke in March after the right-wing satirical news site was banned from Twitter for mocking Rachel Levine, the transgender official of the Biden administration.

The Bee has published a satirical piece of news awarding Levine “man of the year”, prompting Twitter to impose the ban.

Dillon told al magazine that after confirming that the bee was indeed removed from the site, Musk launched the option to buy Twitter.

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