Civil discourse takes center stage as Fremantle candidates argue

Fremantle’s electorate is large and diverse, so it makes sense that the debate over its candidates is more or less the same.

(Image: PrivateMedia)

“This was Len Buckeridge’s idea. He was a very, very good … well, not a Very good friend, but my wife and I knew Tootsie, his wife … “

One nation candidate Bill Edgar is answering a question about the Proposed relocation of the port of Fremantle in a typically scenic way. His rumor sounds like he’s selling secondhand sofas on commercial radio, and he’s dressed in a ferry captain’s suit that he’s yet to explain. More than once before the night is over, he will declare “I AM Fremantle!”

Fremantle the post and Fremantle the electorate are two very different things. Even if you’ve never been to Western Australia, you probably have an idea of ​​’Freo’, WA’s hippie / cosmopolitan port town. Established as a decidedly unpromising tent city, filled with often comically horrific crimes and riots, it was initially saved by an influx of inmates’ labor, which built Fremantle Prison, one of many historic buildings standing still.

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