Range Rover Sport 2022 unveiled

This high-end SUV has undergone a major makeover with good looks inside and out paired with many hi-tech and luxury features.

There is a version of the new Range Rover Sport that is suitable for everyone.

The British luxury brand has detailed its brand new premium SUV with a wide variety of power options to appeal to all shoppers.

There is a big focus on electrified models, all three diesel engines have 48-volt lightweight hybrid technology as well as two of the petrol options. The brand is also bringing a plug-in hybrid version that offers long-range electric-only driving.

The brand has confirmed that an all-electric version will join the line-up in 2024.

Range Rover hasn’t completely forgotten about gasoline attendants with the manufacturer also equipping the new Range Rover Sport with a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 petrol engine.

A 3.0-liter six-cylinder turbo diesel unit with light hybrid technology is available in three different tuning levels; 183kW / 600Nm, 221kW / 650Nm and 258kW / 700Nm.

The plug-in hybrid version combines a six-cylinder petrol engine with an electric motor and a large 38.2 kWh battery. This results in a combined power of 375 kW and 700 Nm.

Incredibly, Range Rover claims the gasoline model can be driven up to 125km on pure electric power, which is far superior to most plug-ins on sale today.

It will bring impressive performance, completing the 0-100km / h sprint in 5.4 seconds to reach a top speed of 242km / h. In electric mode the car is limited to 140 km / h.

The big burly 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 produces a mighty 390kW and 750Nm. This is good enough to push the SUV to 100km / h from a standstill in 4.5 seconds.

Added to these are two six-cylinder petrol engines with mild-hybrid technology that produce 265kW / 500Nm or 294kW / 550Nm.

All models are paired with an eight-speed car and four-wheel drive.

Range Rover will slowly launch the model range with only diesel and plug-in hybrid versions available for order now with deliveries starting at a later date.

The six-cylinder and V8 petrol variants will be available between late 2022 and 2023.

Prices for the diesel range will start at $ 139,160 (before road costs) and go up to $ 196,359 for the first limited edition. The plug-in hybrid variant is priced at $ 198,097.

The brand has given the Range Rover Sport a major makeover inside and out with a new beefy style that complements the vehicles’ ability to go anywhere.

The new Range Rover Sport boasts several outstanding features, including an air purification system capable of filtering out pollutants, bacteria and even viruses.

It worked with Meridian to fit a 29-speaker, 1430-watt surround sound stereo.

A 13.1-inch central display provides tactile feedback and voice commands via Amazon Alexa that can control various settings and features. Over-the-air software updates add further convenience.

The Range Rover Sport has undergone extensive off-road and endurance tests to ensure it can handle even the toughest off-road situations.

All models are equipped with dynamic air suspension that can read the road ahead to anticipate curves and apply the correct suspension firmness.

Range Rover also claims that on-road performance has been enhanced with the vehicle exerting impressive body control and cornering ability.

Originally published as Range Rover Sport 2022 unveiled