Trump was the biggest leaker of all

Americans might like to think that our Pentagon and the military leadership in the White House operate on a higher plane and that leaks at that level are rare. But former Defense Secretary Esper says that, at least in the Trump administration, not only were they common, not only were they offensive, not only often distorting the truth, but that the commander-in-chief was also the primary communicator. The one guy who couldn’t be fired and self-appointed global strategist, Trump, often decided what he would reveal and to whom. It’s even scarier when you consider that Trump had a special affinity for our main opponent, the Russians.

According to Business Insider:

“Individual motivations for the leaks ranged from advancing a preferred political outcome to strengthening the role or credentials of the popularizer to the favor of the president.

“It was harmful behavior learned from above. The president was the greatest communicator of all: “he turned against colleague colleague, department against department, and generally it was bad for the administration and the country.

“Nobody wanted to see their name on the morning news, especially when the words were so often distorted, misinterpreted and taken out of context. “In the Trump administration, this could get you blacklisted or fired.” – Former Defense Section Mark Esper, in his new book.

It is probably as difficult for those of us who have not served as this would be disheartening for those who have served and have been made aware of the importance of keeping information secret, even personal gossip (which can then become kompromat). Our army operates with a great presumption of secrecy. One of the Navy’s most closely guarded secrets is the location of our submarines at any given time. It is so secret that many of the submarine’s sailors do not know their location in their theater.

Small details, analyzed by the right people, can lead to big revelations. And so once again we hear yet another example of how reckless and just plain old fool the last president could be.

The world is safer right now than it was two and a half years ago. It is not a secret.