Minnie Driver reveals the “Devastating” put down by the producer of “Good Will Hunting”.

Minni Driver talked about the “devastating” experience of hearing a “Good Will Hunting” producer say her “wasn’t sexy enough”. for the role she played in the movie – you know, the one that earned her an Oscar nomination.

“When a producer – a man or a woman or a non-binary person – distills an actor into what he perceives as his sensuality, he is so dismissive of that person,” Driver said in an interview with “Cutting” released last week.

“To hear you say at 26 that you are not sexy when maybe you are just You got over all your teenage anxiety and I started thinking, you know, Maybe in the right light and with the right shoes and the right dress, I’m fine,Was “devastating,” he said.

Minnie Driver attends the Television Industry’s 5th Annual Advocacy Honors on October 10, 23, 2019, in Hollywood, California.

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“I certainly had some insecurities growing up,” he explained. “That I wasn’t beautiful. I wasn’t very pretty. The idea that that was the currency that I would then have to pursue, and I would have to try to find a way to make myself prettier. I thank God I didn’t do a lot of things that I could have done later. … It could have been much more damaging than it was.

While Hollywood may be in a slightly different place than when the beloved 1997 film hit theaters, Driver said some things haven’t changed.

“There are still times when people say ‘she’s too old’ or ‘she’s too tall’,” she said.

Driver spoke of the abusive comments earlier while answer to a question in “See What Happens Live” with Andy Cohen in 2016. Cohen asked Driver to name the rudest thing anyone has ever told her.

Matt Damon, Minnie Driver and Ben Affleck during the premiere of "Good Will Hunting" in Westwood, California.
Matt Damon, Minnie Driver and Ben Affleck at the premiere of “Good Will Hunting” in Westwood, California.

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“The producer of ‘Good Will Hunting’ didn’t think I was sexy enough to be in that movie and he didn’t want me in the movie,” said Driver, sharing that co-stars Matt Damon and Ben Affleck and director Gus Van Sant. ” I fought very hard for myself to play that role and am grateful to him to this day. “

“Wow, and wasn’t that the role you got an Oscar nomination for?” Cohen asked.

“Yeah, but not to be sexy,” Driver replied.