Ukraine says it will stop shipping Russian gas.

The Ukrainian natural gas network operator said Tuesday that it will stop transporting Russian gas through an eastern border entry point called Sokhranivka, raising fears of a cut in flows to Europe.

Ukraine’s gas transportation system operator said it would stop accepting Russian gas at the point of entry as of Wednesday because the Russians were interfering in the technical processes of the gas plants and ending “stability.” and safety of the entire Ukrainian gas transport system “.

Russian troops occupy the territory of eastern Ukraine through which the pipeline passes.

The company said about a third of the gas in transit from Russia through Ukraine could be blocked from closing. The company also said there is an option to transfer the gas to another transit point.

The prospect of a cut in a key natural gas artery made markets shudder, which were already in crisis due to the war and Russia’s recent decision to cut off gas flows to Poland and Bulgaria.

Natural gas prices on the Dutch TTF exchange rose Tuesday afternoon, but stabilized, eventually rising 3.4% during the day, to € 97 per megawatt hour.

So far, Russian gas flows through Ukraine have been remarkably stable despite the war. But Ukrainian officials have repeatedly complained about the Russians’ actions and warned that they would risk stopping the gas transmission.

In a recent interview, Yuriy Vitrenko, chief executive of Naftogaz, the Ukrainian national energy company that has the transit contract with Gazprom, a Russian natural gas supplier, said that occupying Russian troops used to enter gas plants. and try to interfere with their operating systems.

“They want to control everything,” he said.