Wordle’s response changed from “fetus,” the New York Times says

The New York Times explained why yesterday changed Wordle’s solution from “fetus” for some users.

The word “fetus” was removed as a solution from Wordle for some users on Monday, the New York Times confirmed.

The new owner of the popular pun has released a statements on Monday explaining why some people might see different responses, saying he had “kept discovering challenges” since taking over.

“Today, for example, some users may see an outdated response that appears to be closely related to a recent major news event,” Times said, probably referring to the Roe v Wade ruling draft leaked which could see abortion rights lifted in many parts of the United States.

“This is completely unintentional and a coincidence: today’s original answer was put into Wordle last year,” he said.

He said he wanted Wordle to stay separate from the news.

“At New York Times Games, we take our role as a place to entertain and escape seriously, and we want Wordle to remain distinct from the news,” he said.

Australian users may also note that “fetus” is the American spelling, with Australians using the spelling “fetus”.

Times stated that the current Wordle technology has made it difficult to change words that have already been loaded into the game.

“When we found out last week that this particular word would be presented today, we changed it for as many solvers as possible,” he said.

It said people wouldn’t get the outdated version if they updated their browser window.

“But we know that some people won’t and, as a result, they will be asked to solve the outdated puzzle,” he said.

“We want to emphasize that this is a very unusual circumstance.”

The New York Times bought the popular pun in January after taking the Internet world by storm. He noted that creator Josh Wardle had created the game for a relatively small group of users.

“We are now committed to revamping Wordle’s technology so that everyone always gets the same word”, Times She said.

“We are committed to ensuring that tens of millions of people have a rewarding and consistent experience every day.

“Thank you for your patience as we work to make improvements to Wordle. We wouldn’t be here without our amazing community of solvers. “

Originally published as Wordle’s solution changed for some after the New York Times noticed an unintended “coincidence”