Madison Cawthorn could be a toast because the Republicans in her district have had enough

Republicans in the borough of Madison Cawthorn, North Carolina, seem to have grown tired of him and say he’s not there for them.

One piece inside The herald of the sun detailed how Cawthorn disappeared in his district:

“Mark (Meadows) was so good,” Patneaude told me in his wood-paneled office on Main Street. “Of all counties, if you needed anything, his people were in touch with you. Mark was here when we wanted him here.”

Cawthorn, in short, was not. His website lists four offices in western North Carolina, but only two phone numbers. Only one of those connected to a real staff member, who answered the second call, and claimed that the offices on the website are “satellite offices” and that all case workers were located in Hendersonville.

“I mean, I haven’t seen him since the election,” says Joe Hall, the owner of Bear Creek Marina. He does not attribute Cawthorn’s failures to anything; instead, he says, it happened gradually. Harold Wilson, a Vietnam veteran at the Edwards event, said the congressman “did not stay in touch with the people who helped him.”

In a videoCawthorn has denied the allegation made by a former staff member of closing the offices, but according to voters in his district, that’s exactly what Cawthorn did.

Representative Cawthorn was elected and appears to have abandoned people at home. In the same article, Cawthorn’s DUI e it was mentioned that he was caught twice with a gun at the airportbut his biggest problem seems to be his reluctance to represent his constituents.

Voters in districts with strong partisan tendencies will neglect a lot for their chosen representative, but the one thing they won’t forgive is forgetting the people at home.

Madison Cawthorn’s primary is likely heading towards a ballot, but it shouldn’t be surprised if voters push Cawthorn out of Congress, but it will be his inability to do the job, not the scandals, that could get him fired.