The former heads of state are asking the United States to pledge $ 5 billion for global aid against Covid

The summit is the continuation of a Mr. Biden met in September; it will use the rally to ask rich nations to increase their financial contributions for vaccines, tests and treatments. Specifically, it will ask developed nations to donate $ 2 billion to purchase Covid treatments and $ 1 billion to purchase oxygen supplies for low- and middle-income countries, according to a senior administration official involved. in planning.

The United States, in partnership with international organizations, has donated more vaccine doses than any other nation to the global vaccination effort. Mr. Biden has promised 1.2 billion doses to other nations; more than 539 million had been shipped as of Monday, according to the State Department. but countries receiving the doses to have had Difficulty taking those gunshots.

Activists and advocacy groups are increasingly impatient. Organizations including Public Citizen, the non-profit organization for consumer health and safety; Prep4All, an AIDS advocacy group; and HealthGAP, a global health advocacy group operating in Uganda, are issuing a petition accusing the US government, though not Mr. Biden personally, of a “lack of leadership” that “is alarming and shortsighted.”

The petition urges the president to “act with renewed urgency” and makes specific requests, including collaborating with international institutions and donor countries to “mobilize $ 48 billion this year to put the global response on track” and urging producers. of drugs to share their intellectual property and technological know-how, not only for vaccines but also for Covid antivirals, abundant in the United States, but not widely available in low- and middle-income countries.

“The administration is not spending political capital to demand that Congress take action,” Asia Russell, executive director of Health GAP said in an interview, adding, “What we know from the global response to AIDS is that decades have been wasted. to hesitate. Those wasted years have translated into lost human lives. President Biden and his Covid leaders have the power to change history “.

The administration wants to give up international intellectual property rules to facilitate generic vaccine production. But the waiver request is blocked at the World Trade Organization and does not extend to treatment, drawing objections from a coalition of 170 groups led by Trade Justice Education Funda non-profit organization that works to promote fair trade policy.

“Americans and people around the world continue to suffer not only preventable deaths and long-term health consequences, but also disruptions in global economic activity and supply chains,” the groups wrote in a letter addressed to Mr. Biden’s sales representative, Katherine Tai, adding “We need every possible tool to overcome barriers and improve equal access to Covid-19 medical products.”