NRL 2022: Brisbane Broncos, Selwyn Cobbo, driving charges, court, traffic offenses, cover-up, Ben Dobbin, Triple M, explosion

The Broncos have been charged with a cover-up after failing to confess that teen star Selwyn Cobbo skipped training to go to court.

The Broncos were charged with a cover-up after failing to confess that teenager Selwyn Cobbo skipped training on Monday to go to court.

Media who witnessed the Brisbane training in Red Hill asked where Cobbo was and was told he was away for personal reasons.

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The club then released a statement at 5:24 pm stating that Cobbo had been fined $ 700 and banned from driving for six months due to traffic offenses.

The sequence of events saw veteran NRL reporter Ben Dobbin attack the Broncos Triple M Monday evening.

“Selwyn Cobbo, she was not in training today and at the Broncos when we asked where he was actually told he was absent from Cherbourg for personal reasons,” Dobbin said.

“Well, personal reasons, and this is where the Broncos upset me more than anything else, they deceive when they could have told the truth, they hid.

“I’m telling you right now the Broncos stooped down today and lied to the media. The truth is that Selwyn Cobbo was in court today.

“He was banned from driving for six months and fined $ 700 with no recorded conviction after appearing in court for traffic offenses.

“He was charged with driving an unregistered, uninsured vehicle while he had a suspended license. Now the Broncos have rightly informed the integrity unit. Cobbo surprised, surprised he said I know I did the wrong thing and I take full responsibility, blah blah we heard all this before. (CEO of Bronco) Dave Donaghy, acknowledged that he made a mistake.

“This is becoming a pattern and I’m fed up with it, I really am. These young people who have the privilege of being in the positions they are in go and behave this way and we (average) go hunting for a goose. It’s just stupidity”.

The Broncos are eighth in the standings after an impressive 5-4 early in the season. They host Manly on Friday night at the Magic Round at Suncorp Stadium.

“I know I did the wrong thing and I take full responsibility for that mistake. I will learn from this and will strive to make better choices in the future, ”Cobbo said.

Donaghy added: “Selwyn acknowledged that the club made a mistake in judgment on this occasion. Selwyn understands that he will have to make better decisions in the future, particularly when it comes to respecting road safety. We will continue to support Selwyn off the pitch, as well as on it. The club recognizes the importance of road safety and compliance with traffic laws, as does Selwyn. “

Originally published as “It’s just stupidity”: Broncos accused of “scheme” of lies after hiding star’s court appearance