The president of the EU Council forced to take refuge on a visit to Ukraine

During a surprise visit to Odesa on Monday, European Council President Charles Michel was forced to seek refuge, an EU official said.

An air raid was sounded during a meeting between Michel and Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmygal due to missile attacks in the area.

Michel for his part wrote on Twitter that he came to Odesa to celebrate Europe Day. “You are not alone. The EU is on your side,” he said.

According to the European official, Michel also noted during his visit the impact of the war on global supply chains, particularly with regards to cereals, of which many tons are blocked in the port of Odesa due to the Russian blockade of the Black Sea. .

“I’ve seen silos full of grain, wheat and corn ready for export,” tweeted Michel.

“This much needed food is blocked due to the Russian war and the blockade of the Black Sea ports. With dramatic consequences for vulnerable countries. We need a global response “.

Ukraine is a global exporter of wheat, and UN officials have warned that failure to ship such products will harm food security in importing countries, especially poorer ones in Africa and elsewhere.

Michel added that “the Kremlin wants to implement your (Ukraine) spirit of freedom and democracy, but I am totally convinced that they will never succeed”.