How About We Not Elect This QAnon Insurrectionist Loon To Congress?

J.R. Majewski, who attended Donald Trump’s insurrectionist Woodstock, is now the Republican nominee for Ohio’s Ninth congressional House district. His previous claim to fame was wasting 120 gallons of paint to create a 19,000-square-foot “Trump 2020” banner in his front yard, which is apparently hella large. He should’ve considered a water feature instead.

Majewski later replaced the zeros in “Trump 2020” with Qs, presumably for QAnon. CNN reports that he’s also “shared other overt QAnon hashtags such as #QArmy, #PatriotsAwakened, #DemoPedo and #WakeUpAmerica and QAnon-themed memes, including an image of a “Q” colored in with an American flag and the “Where We Go One We Go All” QAnon catchphrase in July 2020.”

He’s since claimed that he’s “not Q,” which is not the same as rejecting QAnon. Whenever QAnon cultists say they’re “not Q,” they are only admitting that they’re personally not the theoretically anonymous cult leader.

He also appeared in a bizarre “Let’s Go Brandon” rap video. Shield your eyes:

So, can this doofus join fellow doofuses (doofi?) Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, and Madison Cawthorn in the House of Representatives? He’s running against incumbent Democrat Rep. Marcy Kaptur, who was first elected in 1982 and is the longest serving woman House representative in history.

But Guinness credentials aren’t a sufficient defense against partisan gerrymandering, and the Ninth District has gone from having a Democratic advantage to favoring Republicans. The Ninth District is known as the “Snake on the Lake” because of how it slithers along Lake Erie. It’s been described as one of the “Top Five Ugliest Districts.”

In 2019, when it still had that Democratic advantage, Kaptur lamented the impact of aggressive GOP gerrymandering, while praising the supposed glory days of bipartisan compromise.

The damage done by gerrymandering isn’t difficult to measure. It breeds partisan legislators, who in turn breed a partisan Congress. Gerrymandering has made virtually all House seats safer — including mine — and the members who hold those safe seats are often less responsive to communities and unwilling to compromise in Washington.

The bipartisan camaraderie that once existed in the House is now all but gone. Because members come from safer seats, they have less incentive to build meaningful relationships with those outside their own party, and so they make fewer friends and rarely have constructive debates.


The GOP’s first gerrymander hit forced Kaptur into the same district with Dennis Kucinich, who she defeated in the 2012 Democratic primary. (She also beat “Joe the Plumber” in the general election.) However, this next blow might prove fatal in an already tough year for Democrats.

We’d like to think even right-leaning Ohio voters will pick the Democrat over the QAnon wacko, but they could also pull a Mark Esper and write in “John Kasich” or something silly. This isn’t the time to vote for idealized, make-believe fairytale Republicans who never existed in the first place. Take a leap of faith and go with the four-decade public servant. We promise she hasn’t been biding her time before finally unleashing socialism on the nation.

Majewski parrots the standard QAnon line, which is at this point indistinguishable from mainstream GOP rhetoric: He smears Democrats as pedophiles, claims the 2020 election was stolen, and that the January 6 insurrection was peaceful except for all the violence the federal government instigated.

During his primary campaign, Majewski ran an ad where he wielded a mighty penis substitute assault-style rifle and declared, “I’m willing to do whatever it takes to return this country back to its former glory. If I’ve got to kick down doors, well, that’s just what patriots do.” No, that’s what home invaders do. Meanwhile, centrist consultants tut-tut women peacefully protesting outside Brett Kavanaugh’s house.

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