Steve Schmidt speaks and shatters the myth of John McCain

Steve Schmidt spoke and told the truth about John McCain and shattered the mythology around the late senator.

Schmidt wrote its Substack newsletter that the reports of McCain’s relationship with a lobbyist were true:

Senator McCain has denied me his long relationship with the lobbyist – to whom he has credibly been accused of providing special favors – dozens of times. After the New York Times story – which accurately described that relationship – was successfully attacked and discredited by the campaign under my direction, John McCain told me the truth backstage at an event in Ohio. Understandably, he was very concerned about this potentially problem at the end of the campaign. He kept saying: “The campaign is over”. I reassured him that he was behind us.

However, John McCain was convinced it would soon be over. Allegations and similar reports had put an end to the campaigns in the recent past. In fact, John McCain looked at me and said he didn’t understand how he could go on with his presidential run saying, “Guys, I’ve had a long relationship with her.” I was bruised and went home to California. After obsessively calling for days later, I (foolishly) went back to the election campaign.

McCain and his wife held a press conference where they denied the relationship and it was all a lie.

The media dubbed the direct speaker song to the American people. McCain looked the American people in the eye and told them something he knew wasn’t true.

Corporate media perpetuated the John McCain myth

John McCain, the war hero, was true, but the John McCain who used that biography to build a political brand was a lie.

Schmidt also wrote about how Russia infiltrated the McCain campaign, and McCain turned a blind eye because he was afraid his relationship would end.

Meghan McCain sparked this firestorm continuing to attack Steve Schmidt because Schmidt was the only person in the election campaign to resist her and say no.

John McCain’s myth that corporate media has happily built and continued has been shattered.

The reality is that McCain has had his moments, like when he saved the Affordable Care Act from repeal, but John McCain’s accurate picture is far more complicated than what his daughter uses to cash in on her inheritance.