Madison police chief’s statement on fire in pro-life group office leaves some things to be desired –

Over the weekend, the Madison office of Wisconsin Family Action, a pro-life group, was vandalized with graffiti and destroyed in a fire. Selling points like Politico and Associated Press are still trying to understand how such a thing could have happened. With any luck, it will eventually get to them.

Meanwhile, at least Wisconsin Family Action and other pro-life activists can rest easy knowing that Madison Police Chief Shon Barnes is taking this very, very seriously:

Oh. This is certainly a beautiful statement.

“It appears that a specific non-profit organization that supports anti-abortion measures has been targeted.” We’re probably just cynical when we wonder why Chief Barnes decided to go with that particular phrasing.

Should we ask Jen Psaki? Close. She will do it try giving us another tap routine.

We weren’t impressed with Jen’s pathetic attempt to return this morning, and we’re not very impressed with Chief Barnes’s statement either.

Very conspicuously missing.

A little bit it does, actually. We find it very hard to believe that if it had been the office of an LGBTQ advocacy organization or a teachers’ union (or Planned Parenthood!) That Chief Barnes statement would have been so flabby.

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