Sheep escaped guilty behind the raid on the Auckland shop

Locals couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the real culprit behind a late night raid, which was initially thought to be the work of a sordid criminal.

Locals of a small town were stunned after perusing security footage showing the shocking culprit of a late night raid.

A shop window in Onehunga, a suburb of Auckland, New Zealand, was recently destroyed following a mysterious night attack.

Incredible footage revealing what has really happened since has been revealed and shared on Facebook last week.

The culprits turned out to be two escaped sheep, one of which appeared to be having trouble with its reflection in the shop window.

The footage showed the animal squaring off with its “opponent” before hitting its head against the window multiple times, shattering it completely on the third try.

It looked like the sheep had received some shock after clearing the glass and immediately walked away from the scene in a panic.

A local posted the short clip on Wednesday with the caption: “Yet another ram raid last night. It’s really getting out of hand! “

Hundreds of onlookers couldn’t believe the farm animals were behind what initially appeared to be the result of sordid criminals.

“I bet the police had to laugh when they checked the CCTV cameras trying to catch the criminals in the act, when all the while he was a stray ram who saw his own reflection as a rival,” one person wrote in a comment. .

“What would they say to the insurance company? Would they believe it? ”Someone else joked.

Another claimed that if “they hadn’t seen it [the video] I would not have believed it ”.

“I just want to know where the hell the parents are,” wrote one interviewee.

Others made good use of the privileged opportunity to comment with a play on words.

“And there we were thinking that the sheep were just followers, it turns out they are the leaders of the herd. She really pulled the wool over our eyes, “wrote one.

“You have to admit he looked a little embarrassed when he broke the window. I wonder what the ramifications of that will be, “said another.

A third said the sheep “got rid of a belief.”

Originally published as The culprits behind the late night shoplifting were exposed in shocking security footage