Pregnant Tiff Hall makes history posing with baby bump for Women’s Health

The pregnant fitness star is the first woman to ever appear on a Women’s Health cover, as husband Ed Kavalee also stars in the men’s edition.

Celebrity trainer Tiffiny Hall has made history as the first pregnant woman to appear on the cover of Women’s Health Australia.

The 37-year-old, who rose to fame during her stint on reality show The Biggest Loser, has posed with her bare bump for the front cover of the Australian edition of popular fitness magazine while 26 weeks pregnant.

Her husband Ed Kavalee is also starring simultaneously on the front page of Men’s Health Australia.

The pair, who are already parents to son Arnold, are currently expecting their second child due in the coming weeks.

Tiff said she felt “honoured and empowered to be the first pregnant woman to ever grace a @womenshealthaus magazine cover”, writing it was once “taboo to show your bump”.

“Over my 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, I have seen it evolve into a landscape that now embraces the beauty of pregnancy as well as post-partum bodies,” she wrote on Instagram.

“It was once taboo to show your bump in tight clothing – let alone a naked bump – or even as I have … exercising and staying active whilst pregnant.

“I’m proud of my strong pregnant body and believe the bump and a woman’s ever-changing body should be celebrated in all its glory at every shape, size and stage of life.”

Tiff is also leading the health publication’s “informative and credible” pregnancy content which gives mums access to an array of exercise and nutrition advice.

After having a difficult pregnancy with her first child and gaining 30kg, Tiff has been very vocal about tackling “bounce back culture”, even giving a Ted Talk on the topic back in 2019.

“As much as there’s pressure after you have the baby to ‘bounce back’, you don’t have to have that toxic positivity [mindset] all the time where you’re just loving every minute … Just take that pressure off, bounce forward. Prioritise your own self-care,” she said.

Fans of Tiff’s have been quick to commend the fitness star for her positive message, describing the mum-of-one as “a wonderful role model”.

“Love this. Absolutely deserving of the cover,” one wrote.

“This is amazing,” another said, while one wrote: “Absolutely wonderful!”

Ed’s cover is just as showstopping, with the TV and radio star opening up about how he went from a funny guy with a bad body for radio to a dad with a “ripped physique”.

Despite being married to a fitness lover, Ed said he and Tiff never work out together due to their tendency to want to “one-up each other”.

“I refuse to work out with her because I don’t want to hear it,” he told the publication.

“Tiff’s a great trainer and she does a great job, but she’s desperate to make me say, ‘I can’t do that.’ And I’m desperate not to give her the satisfaction. It’s quite ridiculous.”

He does however, eat his wife’s food from her TXO Life health and fitness program, but is quick to point out that he’s the one who cooks it.

“She takes if off me and takes a photograph with it and then eats it. I cook it. I need to be very clear on this.”

As well as their cover shots, Tiff and Ed also posed for a series of stunning snaps together during the shoot.

One photo shows Tiff staring up lovingly at her husband while cradling her bump.

In another shot, the pair are pictured laughing together.⁠

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