Liz Cambage basketball news 2022: Andrew Gaze tears Opals star apart for “highly offensive” comments

Australian basketball legend Andrew Gaze gave a fierce response to Liz Cambage’s “highly offensive” remarks.

Australian basketball legend Andrew Gaze gave a fierce response to Liz Cambage’s “highly insulting” remarks about Basketball Australia and her former Opal teammates after her alleged racial slur was made public over the weekend.

Cambage missed the 2021 Australian Olympic campaign in Tokyo, withdraw from the team on mental health grounds the following alleged incidents during a training camp, including a explosion with Nigeria during a training match.

A Basketball Australia investigation saw Cambage issued a formal reprimand and the Opals never recovered from his belated retreat, bombing of the Olympics in the quarter-finals.

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Former Opals captain Jenna O’Hea reported the scandal to the headlines Sunday, stating on ABC offside that Cambage will never represent his country again.

O’Hea also publicly confirmed rumors about what Cambage said during the training match against Nigeria, where he allegedly told a player: “Go back to your third world country.”

“I really want the media to focus on those players who want to be the Opals and who want to represent Australia and who are really dedicated to Australia and I think that’s really important,” added O’Hea.

“We sacrificed a lot to try to keep her on the schedule. You know, she doesn’t want to be here anymore and that’s her choice and we have to go on without her. “

Last week Cambage, who is starring in her first season with the Los Angeles Sparks in the WNBA, told ABC she “never” felt supported and protected while representing the Opals.

“I’m living my best life,” she said.

“I am a fan, I am protected at a level that the Opals or the Australian team have never given me.

“My heart is with those who want to protect me and those who want me to be the best I can be, and I’ve never heard that at Opals. So yeah, I’m fine.”

Speaking on SEN The ride home On Monday, an emotional Gaze condemned Cambage’s “grossly unfair” comments and suggested that the WNBA All-Star remarks were “far more insulting” than reported.

The five-time Olympian was a member of Basketball Australia’s board during much of Cambage’s time representing the Opals and firmly denied that the administration ever abandoned her.

“The thing that really, really gratifies me is when she makes the comments to say that she feels supported in Los Angeles on a level that was not there with the Australian team; and the suggestion that it has never been supported by Australia, the Opals or Basketball Australia is highly insulting, “she said.

“There was behavior on Liz’s part that, under any reasonable judgment, would have some significant repercussions

“She was supported, not just by me, but by everyone else along the way.

“To say it wasn’t supported is unfair; it is grossly unfair.

“I have great sympathy and compassion for where she was at the time … but the bottom line is that she made some decisions that didn’t support her teammates, yet despite that, her teammates supported her during that period.

“There may be times when she definitely suffered some hardship … but the suggestion about this particulate matter incident, and others, that her teammates, her coaches, Basketball Australia or whoever else were not supporting her, is insulting. . This is offensive to people who are going to great lengths to try and put in place a system where they can actually perform at their best.

“You don’t get paid to represent your country, you earn very, very little. It is not your only source of income. It’s about honor. It’s all about privileges. It is a sense of responsibility. It’s about looking at your life and seeing how other people have provided you with a privileged opportunity to perform at the highest level.

“And when you don’t respect him, and you actually go the other way and say that these people really hurt me, that’s disgusting behavior on his part. And it’s offensive to me, it’s offensive to anyone who has represented our country. “

Originally published as Australian basketball icon Andrew Gaze lashes out at Liz Cambage for “highly offensive” comments.