Zuckerberg’s selfie fuels “alien” rumors.

Opening his new Meta store, the Facebook founder posed with his employees, but there was something odd about the image.

At this point, the public doesn’t care who (or what) Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is, but they are absolutely convinced that he is not human.

Conspiracy theorists were again involved in a rotation after the Facebook CEO shared a group selfie on his Facebook page (as a meta) to promote the grand opening of Meta’s first in-person store, arriving in California on the 9th. May.

The 37-year-old was photographed wearing a virtual reality headset and hanging out with his trusted employees in the decked out shop which, he wrote, gave a “sense for what is coming as we build towards the metaverse”.

And while the frankly spooky language of the caption was enough to send a shiver down anyone’s spine, it was the photos of the CEO and his trusted employees that rekindled the rumors about extraterrestrials.

“Eerie vibes of the valley right here,” wrote one commentator.

“Why does it look like it doesn’t have a soul?” another wrote.

“Damn! You guys have really refined that human skin. It’s hard to point to lizards,” said another.

Excavations at the “alien” Zuckerberg, which emerged first during the 2018 grilling awards congressand inspired countless memes and entire social media groups dedicated to debunking his humanity – he followed the picture as it scrolled across the internet.

On Twitter, a user took the liberty of erasing the group’s smiles, giving the image an even more creepy look.

“Whether it’s aliens, robots, whatever, they’re absolutely not human,” one person replied. “Nothing anyone can say will change my mind.”

“This photo does a great job showing the definitely weird behavior or vibes, or something like that. Just something very strange in this photo, ”said another.

Another claimed that Facebook founder Madame Tussaud’s waxwork, unveiled in San Francisco in 2014, looks more realistic.

To be honest, we all fell victim to a huddled group selfie at one point. We stood front and center, leaned between bodies and peeked over one shoulder, or stood on tiptoe to make it. They generally create interesting shots.

But, it is true, there is something turned off on this.

It could be the lighting, or the semi-soft focus, the skin too smooth, the smiles not reaching the eyes or the lack of reflective reflections in them. Or perhaps, as some have suggested, the Meta boss is leaning on alien energy and absolutely trolling conspiracy theorists.

I mean, if you can’t beat them – and, as is internet law, if something they publish is ripe for brutal public choice – you might as well join them. Or at least send them to chase their own tail.

Originally published as Eerie Valley Vibes: Zuckerberg sends audiences on a spiral of “non-human” group selfies.