National ban on abortion on the table if GOP wins mid-term

Mitch McConnell played shy USA Today for much of a recent interview, noting that Mississippi’s decision to overturn roe deer v. veal it was not finalized and therefore too early to discuss it. And then he went on to discuss what a GOP majority would do if it were in place after mid-term 2022. The rights of the state came out terribly fast, with no rights, claiming that a federal law banning abortion would be on the table.

“It would depend on where the votes were.”

mitch He says it wouldn’t violate or modify the filibuster to do so, but you can throw it out the window (just like you can with most of the other stuff Mitch says.) Someone really expects Mitch McConnell to truly state his plans to do away with the filibuster Right now? Tell the Democrats it’s afit is done? Leaving Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema with nowhere to hide in not voting to overturn the trolley now? No, Mitch is not an idiot, and only an idiot would do such a thing even though Manchin and Sinema would probably still vote against the Democrats.

Mitch goes on:

As for the abortion issue, I think it’s pretty clear where the Republicans in the Senate are. And if and when the court makes a final decision, I expect everyone to be more final. But I don’t think the position of the Republican senators on this issue is very secret.

Let’s be clear about what he is talking about. Mitch McConnell is talking about a national abortion ban without considering the fact that states like California, New York, Massachusetts, Illinois and many others would strongly oppose such a federal ban. As many Twitter commentators have noted, the GOP and Mitch have declared that the rights of states are not those of women. Just like in slavery, it was never about the rights of states.

But as long as Mitch McConnell heads the Republican caucus in the Senate, fear not. McConnell is likely already terrified that the decision could overturn the mean terms. McConnell was likely counting on a SCOTUS decision upholding the Mississippi heartbeat law, leaving an egg sliver open to lucky women who knew early about their pregnancy and had access to treatment. He hadn’t foreseen it.

* Indeed, a good theory as to who leaked the decision is a far-right legal clerk who feared the justice chief would eliminate one of the five in the majority and simply uphold Mississippi law, leaving such a rift that the only law of control would be Chief’s point of view, flanked by Gorsuch or Kavanaugh (the only two realistically possible). But now, after his release, the second judge will appear to have succumbed to political pressure. Judges don’t like to look like that.

McConnell knows opinion will energize the left like few other issues. The left has always rocked, behind conservatives, with respect to the energy on women’s rights. If the right passes a federal ban with a GOP president in 2024, McConnell will have dropped the issue that most motivates poor, white Republican voters, especially women.

McConnell would certainly prefer to leave the matter open as a republican fantasy and an electoral bait. It’s almost certainly why he gave the interview to USA Today, to give GOP voters another reason to come to the polls.

But there is no guarantee that McConnell will be the majority leader in the foreseeable future. Self the MAGA wave hits the Senate and suddenly there are people like Walker, Oz, Vance, Tuberville, Johnson, Hawley and Cruz out and about. Trump could almost force them to vote “one of them” for driving. And by then, the filibuster will surely be gone, immediately (which is why Manchin and Sinema are inexcusably traitors to the Democrats who elected them.)

To conclude, McConnell’s statement believed in everything about the GOP and should make everyone on the left cringe. “It is up to the voters”. Well, the 50 Democrats right now in the Senate represent 70 million more people than the 50 Republicans. North Dakota obliterates California. Wyoming, with a smaller population than Washington DC, gets two votes in the Senate, Washington citizens get none. It is not up to the voters.

It’s not about voters, state rights, fairness, and it’s definitely not about respecting women. It is about power and it will always be with the GOP and especially the MAGA GOP.