Texan GOP Wesley Hunt LEAVES Eric Swalwell in HEATED back and forth for claiming the GOP will ban interracial marriage – twitchy.com

As Twitchy MORE readers know, Eric Swalwell is truly a boil on the butt of humanity. We’re not sure what purpose this guy on Twitter serves other than trolling because we haven’t actually seen him act like an elected official on the platform… maybe ever.

Eric is likely starting to really despair with his rhetoric because he knows if (and when) Republicans will take the House in November he is in trouble because you just know that there are some irate members of the GOP persuasion who are looking forward to it. investigate this Guy for his allegedly inappropriate relationship with a Chinese spy.

Yes, Republicans will totally ban interracial marriage.

Tool bag.

It didn’t go well at all, BUT this one from Wesley Hunt, a Texas GOP congressional candidate, was pretty damn epic.

Which also happens to be in an interracial marriage.

White liberals like you are a racial lure.

There he is.

Eric replied:

No no, his problem is with you, Sparky.

Well heck.

Valid point.

That’s all they have …

Eric stepped in this time.



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