Trump news today: Rudy Giuliani backs out of Jan 6 committee interview

Trump says he took cognitive test because people kept calling him stupid

Former Trump laywer Rudy Giuliani, who played a leading role in the “stop the steal” effort to overturn the 2020 election in courts across the nation, has backed out of an interview with the 6 January committee at the last minute.

The encounter was scheduled for today and had been agreed after months of negotiation, and apparently fell apart when Mr Giuliani insisted that he be allowed to record the meeting on video, a request which the committee refused.

Meanwhile, a member of the Oath Keepers militia group has pleaded guilty to seditious conspiracy in relation to the 6 January riot – and with the plea deal sealed, it has emerged that he was present when the militia’s leader tried to contact Mr Trump after the Capitol riots had ended.

According to court documents filed in the case of William Todd Wilson, who is now co-operating with the government, leader Stewart Rhodes called “an individual” on speaker phone after leaving the Capitol grounds and implored this person “to tell President Trump to call upon groups like the Oath Keepers to forcibly oppose the transfer of power”.

However, the unidentified person on the other end of the line apparently refused to put Mr Trump on the phone.


Much-maligned DC fencing returns around Supreme Court for Roe protests

The much-hated Capitol Hill fencing, used last year to secure the area around the Capitol for months after Jan 6, is back and reinstalled around the Supreme Court amid tensions over the Court’s assumed plans to overturn Roe V Wade in the coming weeks or months.

Videos of the perimiter showed that an entire city block, including one of the Capitol Hill neighborhood’s nicest green spaces, was cordoned off by the black metal barricades as of Thursday.

Read more from The Independent’s Bevan Hurley:

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Karine Jean-Pierre to replace Jen Psaki as White House Press Secretary

Karine Jean-Pierre will be stepping into the role of White House press secretary this month.

She will be the first openly LGBT+ and first Black person to serve as a president’s top spokesperson, after serving Ms Psaki’s top deputy since Joe Biden took office last year. She joined the Biden campaign in 2020 after serving as chief public affairs officer for and as an NBC News political analyst.

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Madison Cawthorn says someone is out to get him amid a ‘drip-drip’ of embarrassing leaks – is he right?

The 26-year-old far-right congressman – the youngest member of the House – has faced a slow-drip leak of embarrassing videos and photos over the last month, after telling a right-wing broadcaster that about alleged “orgies” among his Washington colleagues.

He claims the leaks are aimed to discredit him, punishment for speaking out about members of Congress. His standing in an upcoming primary election – in which polls show him falling behind – has one life raft: Donald Trump.

The Independent’s John Bowden has more:

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Here’s what you’ll find on Trump’s Truth Social

Truth Social – Trump’s platform to “stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech,” as he described it – is the most high profile among several newer platforms to launch as a direct challenge to mainstream social media platforms, viewed among right-wing figures and users as too constrictive or conspiring to remove their views after they were kicked off for flouting rules about Covid-19 misinformation, violence and harassment.

Despite billing itself as a platform for “free expression” against the alleged tyranny of companies like Twitter, Truth appears singularly devoted to the Trump universer and right-wing media ecosystem.

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‘He said I got him in trouble’: Biden meets Amazon union leader at White House

After speaking at a Senate Budget Committee on union-busting efforts and federal contracts for companies like Amazon that allegedly flour federal labor law, Amaon Labor Union president Christian Smalls joined a White House meeting with Kamala Harris and Labor Secretary Marty Walsh as well as Starbucks union workers and other organizers.

Mr Smalls – in a red, yellow and black jacket with “eat the rich” printed on the front – also met Joe Biden.

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Dr Oz to campaign with Trump and JD Vance in Pennsylvania

TV personality and Republican senate candidate Mehmet Oz will be joined by Trump and recently nominated Ohio GOP Senate candidate JD Vance at a rally in Pennsylvania on Friday.

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Trump Jr accused FBI of ‘Gestapo tactics’ for the arrest of man who urged on Capitol rioters

The ex-president’s oldest son compared the arrest of a far-right figure who pleaded guilty to helping people break into the US Capitol to “Gestapo tactics.”

Brandon Straka stood outside an entrance to the Capitol on 6 January 2021 and urged a crowd of intruders inside, shouting “go, go, go,” and later encouraged rioters to grab a Capitol Police officer’s shield.

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Chief Justice John Roberts calls Roe opinion leak ‘absolutely appalling’

The US Supreme Court’s Chief Justice John Roberts called the leak of a draft opinion written by conservative Justice Samule Alito in the case of Dobbs vs Jackson Women’s Health Organization “absolutely appalling” on Thursday.

This week’s reporting the expected ruling, set to overturn constitutional protections for abortion care established by Roe v Wade and Planned Parenthood v Casey, has prompted an investigation inside the court.

“If the person behind it thinks that it will affect our work, that’s just foolish,” Justice Roberts told a judicial conference in Georgia on Thursday, according to NBC News.

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Trump regrets endorsing Ben Sasse

Former president Donald Trump says he regrets endorsing Ben Sasse in the 2020 Nebraska Senate race.

“He’s bad news, Ben Sasse. He begged for my endorsement, the day after he started hitting me and we hit much harder than he knows how to hit. He’s bad news,” Mr Trump said during a rally held for Nebraska gubernatorial candidate Charles Herbster.

“Should have never given him the endorsement. He was horrible at the beginning. And then he was so good … and then the following day, literally, he started hitting back,” he added.


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Trump and Carroll lawyers agree to continue case and potentially exchange new evidence

Trump’s lawyers and the lawyers for writer E Jean Carroll – who sued him for defamation after he denied her allegations that he raper in the 1990s, said she was not his type, and alleged she only made the claims to boost book sales – have agreed to resume the exchange of evidence, including witness testimony, in the case.

The former president has denied the allegations.

Both sides have agreed to begin deposing witnessness from 3 August to 19 October.

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