LOOK: Joyce Pring takes on the ‘mommy challenge’

First-time mom Joyce Pring considers being a mother as a big blessing in her life, something she could not trade with any other job.

Pring rejoices over the fact that she has become a mother as per her Instagram page today, May 8, where she shared a photo and short videos of herself and her son Eliam. It was in response to a “mommy challenge” where moms are invited to show three images of themselves with their babies: “pregnant, newborn and now.”

“I’ve worked pretty odd jobs in my life — but NOTHING compares to being Eliam’s MAMA,” she stated.

But Pring is not complaining about the numerous tasks as a mom. She is actually happy to be in the league of other hardworking moms.

“I feel like I now belong to a super-secret-not-so-secret club of the toughest, most selfless, most enduring, outstanding group of human beings who run on the littlest amount of sleep and yet pulls the loftiest weight of all — being a teacher, nurse, yaya, playmate, cook, coach, mentor, molder and so much more — the calling of being a MOTHER,” she said.

She honors other moms “who have given, and continues to sustain life for their children; those who have raised full grown adults, those who are still caring for tiny hearts, and those who have angels watching over them.”

“To all the mamas who struggle quietly and yet [march] head on… I see you and I honor you,’ she said.

Pring is grateful for her faith as well, which has guided her on being a mom and practicing motherhood in her young life.

“Every day I learn about God’s character and His love for us through parenting and motherhood. The constant grace that He provides [is] able to sustain me to be gracious to my son [and] is my lifeline; and the support I receive from @juanchotrivino and our family has been the bastion that fortifies that lifeline,” she stressed.

Pring believes that “being a mom has been the most character-transforming blessing” of her life, and she gives praise “for this wonderful privilege.”

Juancho Triviño and Joyce Pring tied the knot in 2020. They had their son Eliam in July 2021. JB


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