Maintenance worker shoots, kills 8 month old puppy, police say no charges

ROSWELL, Georgia (CBS46) – A Roswell family claims their 8-month-old German Shepherd was wrongfully shot and killed during a call to maintenance service, police say the alleged shooter will face no charges.

“She was eight months old, raised with children and everyone knows that dogs raised with children are friendly,” described Luna’s owner, Yordania Mejia.

Luna and her family moved to Enclave at Roswell Apartments just a month ago. The puppy was big but kind, the family says.

But a Roswell police report claims otherwise on May 2. An Enclave maintenance man told officers he asked for the dog to be secured by his grandmother before she entered. But he claims that Luna chased her grandmother and then chased him down the stairs.

The 33-year-old, “fearing for his safety,” used his 9mm pistol to shoot, according to the police report. Roswell PD told CBS46 that there are no pending charges, nothing criminal has happened.

“He was doing self defense,” Mejia asked. “[But] it hadn’t been [bitten]he has not been scratched, his clothes have not been torn. “

Mejia claims she should have advised on how long the maintenance would take her home so she could have been there.

“They have someone running around with a gun who shot my dog ​​twice.” He stopped, “he left her there to die.”

Her children are scarred, her family is devastated, claiming that Luna was just playful, not dangerous.

“You can go around and ask anyone in that neighborhood who’s seen us for the month I’ve been here how they are.”

Tenants say the worker has since been fired, but the property management has not confirmed his employment status or policies on personnel entering armed units to CBS46.

“He told me they were sorry and they fired him. But if he was right about killing my dog, why did they fire him? Mejia continued,” That’s what I don’t understand. “

Property management told us to contact the company, First Communities. CBS46 is still awaiting a statement from the company.

We tried to get in touch with the worker, we got no response.