UFOs “are not an illusion” as the Pentagon publishes documents on the effects of the exposure

Director and editor Jeremy Corbell says UFOs are “tampering with our nuclear weapons” as the US Pentagon’s UFO Program advertises documents detailing the “harmful effects on humans” from exposure.

The program has released 38 technical documents to the public that contain over 1500 pages of previously classified documents compiled by the Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Application Program.

The technical papers list the symptoms experienced by people exposed to UFOs such as burns, hair loss, nausea, headaches, and even an unexplained pregnancy.

“These 38 reports speak to the technical capabilities of what we know as UFOs,” Corbell says.

“UFOs are not part of the imagination, it is not an illusion … they are swarming on our navy warships, they are tampering with our nuclear weapons, so at the very least, this is a national security issue.

“But they pose a much bigger problem for humanity. If UFOs are real, what else do we know about them and that’s what these documents are about. “