Steve Schmidt leaves and cancels Meghan McCain

In a series of Twitter discussions, Steve Schmidt began sharing some of the secrets of the 2008 McCain presidential campaign, including the behavior of Meghan McCain.

Schmidt tweeted:

Steve Schmidt spent hours on Twitter debunking the John McCain myth and telling the truth about his 2008 campaign and some of the people around the senator, including his daughter.

Schmidt took to Twitter after McCain tried to slander him on social media.

Meghan McCain’s book was bombed. Keep losing your TV job. She is famous for who her father was her, not for nothing that she ever did in her life.

Steve Schmidt describes her as a cruel and mean person who has not yet grown up as she approaches 40 years of age.

For those of you who remember the 2008 McCain campaign it was a heap of epic proportions and one of the biggest problems alongside Sarah Palin and the Russians, that of Meghan McCain.

It turns out that Steve Schmidt tried to protect McCain’s legacy while his daughter spent her time trying to find ways to exploit it.

Meghan McCain continues to do media work for a reason, and Steve Schmidt provided some insight into McCain and in the process burned his cultivated media image to the ground.