Justice Amy Coney Barrett wants to flip eggs to create a “home supply of babies” for adoption

Buried in Alito Roe’s draft opinion is the idea that Roe needs to be flipped to create a home stash of children up for adoption.

Via: page 34 of the draft Alito:

This is a The Handmaid’s Tale stuff that not long ago would have been attributed to the mind of Margaret Atwood and some extremist Republican politicians.

There are now five people in the Supreme Court who are willing to use the need for a home supply of adoptable children as a motivation to take away the rights of every woman in America.

The problem with creating “a home stash of adoptable children” is that the term itself suggests white American children. However, the woman who will be affected disproportionately. In states where abortion is already limited, the majority of abortion women are minorities.

Spilling eggs could lead to the foster system becoming overwhelmed by children, and foster care is not a great place to care for and raise a child.

If conservatives cared about human rights, the rights of women and children, they would abandon this ideological jihad which is the exact opposite of respecting personal freedoms and caring for children.

Overturning Roe will be a disaster for the nation and the Supreme Court will be responsible for the damage done to women and children.