Impact of leaked SCOTUS draft decision on mid-term voter attitudes won’t thrill Democrats –

Everyone knows the purpose of the leaked draft Supreme Court decision on Roe v. Wade had to attempt to motivate the left base and distract from the disaster that is the Biden administration as we head into what could be a medium-term wipeout for the Democrats. So far he hasn’t moved the needle in the direction of the Dems:

Well look at that!

This it’s actually not very surprising to anyone not on the left for whom abortion is not the only problem that exists:

The share of registered voters who say they are extremely or very enthusiastic about voting this fall increased by 6 points between the first and second polls, but that increase is roughly uniform across party lines. Among Democrats, 43% now say they are extremely or very enthusiastic, with a 7-point increase. Among Republicans it is 56%, up 9 points. And voters who say overthrowing Roe would make them “happy” are nearly twice as excited about voting this fall as those who say such a ruling would leave them “angry” (38% extremely enthusiastic among happy, 20% angry. ).

Democrats may have to try to find something else to try and distract from the disasters they have created because so far this isn’t doing the trick.

If anything, Roe v. Wade’s overthrow could boost Republicans:

No matter how agitated and howling the Democrats, it won’t make voters forget about inflation, gasoline prices, the Biden border mess and many other issues.

The left is discovering the hard way that, despite their narrative, 70 percent of Americans do not support abortion at any stage until the moment of birth.

Abortion is at the bottom of voter concerns, as is “climate change,” yet Democrats continue to scream at both.

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