Russian President Vladimir Putin will use the “Victory Day” parades to intensify the war against Ukraine

It is reported that the Russian leader will use the upcoming “Victory Day” parades to show the world his next move.

There are rumors whether President Vladimir Putin will use the Russian Victory Day parade on May 9 to show the world just how powerful Russia really is.

on Monday, Russia commemorates the 77th anniversary of the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany in 1945.

It is a significant day for the country, as twenty-seven million Soviet citizens lost their lives during World War II (more than any other country) and the victory came at a very high price.

While Victory Day was celebrated from time to time in Soviet times and then resurrected by the first president of post-Communist Russia, Boris Yeltsin, for the 50th anniversary in 1995, it was Put in who in 2008 turned it into an annual event that showcases the nation’s military prowess, pride and firepower.

This year’s military parade, which takes place on Monday, is expected not to disappoint based on the trials undertaken this week.

Troops, tanks, ballistic missiles and other military equipment will make their way through Moscow’s Red Square.

The “doomsday” Il-80 command aircraft – which are piloting technology command centers for the Russian President – as well as Tu-160 strategic fighters and bombers will fly across Russian skies, second Reuters.

But many wonder if the annual parade, which is based on victory, will sting badly President Putin which has not yet had a “victory” worth celebrating in Russia’s war against Ukraine.

It could trigger a victory at all costs Putin to deliver a grim warning to the West on Victory Day that he wishes to further intensify the country’s war with Ukraine by national mobilization and conscription, or by going nuclear?

“Victory in World War II became the defining myth in post-war Soviet life, even surpassing the Revolution in its meaning,” said Stephen Norris, professor of Russian history at the University of Miami. Al Jazeera.

“Nobel Prize-winning author Svetlana Alexievich captured this asset, claiming that the story of victory has replaced the story of war itself.”

According to Professor Norris, many of President Putin’s advisers may feel frustrated by the time Russia is taking to secure a victory over Ukraine and pressure the president to call for all-out war on his neighbor at the Victory Day parade.

“Putin and his advisers certainly pay attention to historic anniversaries and love to use them to strengthen their hold on power,” Professor Norris explained. Al Jazeera.

“Given how important Victory Day was Put in and Putinism, it is difficult to imagine that his government will not try to use it for some purpose. It is difficult to see any kind of declared victory. Instead, my fear is that Putin is using the holidays to announce a new offensive and a new phase of the war. “

Originally published as Vladimir Putin will send a warning to the West during the “Victory Day” parades.