Trump raged at top staff after military leaders refused to shoot protesters, among other proposed atrocities

Never doubt. Donald Trump wants the power to order people to be executed. He definitely plays a part in why Trump enjoyed spending time with Putin, MBS, Xi and Kim. He should also disqualify him from holding office again, like written by Jason Easley yesterday, after reading reports that Trump wanted to send missiles to Mexican drug labs.

Now there’s more, posted on today Guardians.

According to the new book by former Defense Secretary Mark Esper, A Sacred Oath: Memoirs of a Secretary of Defense in Extraordinary Time, Trump raged and raged at senior officials, including Mike Pence, who the military refused to shoot protesters in the wake of George Floyd’s murder in Minneapolis. Apparently, Trump wanted the bodies on the streets and couldn’t face the laws that hindered him and a high-level staff that held him back.

“’You are losers!’ the president railed. “You are all fucking losers!”

“It wasn’t the first time I’ve heard him use this language, but not in such anger, and never addressed to people in a room with him, let alone Barr, Milley and me.”

“He repeated the horrible insults again, this time turning his venom to the Vice President, who sat silently, stone-faced, in the chair at the end of the semicircle closest to the Rose Garden. I’ve never seen him scream. against the vice president before, so this really got my attention. “

If Trump ever finds himself in the Oval Office again, he won’t make the mistake of installing people around him who will refuse to do what he wants. The reader will notice that every official in the room accepted the tantrum and petulant insults while holding still, they would not get people shot in the streets by the US military. If given another chance, why should Trump choose people who can never resist again?

Trump accused the group of being “okay” with protesters burning buildings on the street. Esper believed Trump kept waiting, wishing someone in the room would agree with him. Nobody did.

There are other disgusting revelations in the book. As just one example, Stephen Miller went medieval in suggesting that the United States should cut off its head Abu Bakr al-Baghdadia leader of the Islamic State killed by the US, dipping it in pig’s blood and making it parade as a warning to other terrorists.

Now just imagine Trump appointing Stephen Miller Secretary of Defense with a Republican Senate and then ask yourself again if people would be shot in the streets and if the US would make medieval shows of “weakness” (because that’s what this is all about. ) if Miller, or someone like him, was Secretary of Defense.

Somehow, somehow, it can never get close to power again.