Eric Swalwell thought it was SMART to use school shootings to vilify Republicans and SORRY the abortion (he was WRONG) –

Do you know who doesn’t have a brain?

Eric Swalwell.

Or you know what, maybe he lacks a heart because this tweet is just hateful on so many levels. A normal person, a person with even a hint of humanity, knows that one death somehow doesn’t make another death ok or less horrible. Especially when it comes to children.

Including the unborn child.

This guy just sucks.

Elegant as always, Eric. Sura Feng Feng approves.

I can’t have both, Democrats.

They never will.

Abortion is one of their sacraments at this point.

No one has ever accused Eric of being a great thinker.

He’s an elected troll we can’t wait to see investigated when the Republicans take the House in November.

And that’s exactly what it boils down to.

Grow a soul, Eric.



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