Refuel today to save a few extra cents

Refuel today to save a few extra cents on gasoline and more than one rand on diesel, as fuel prices soar at midnight when 93 octane gasoline goes up by 28 cents per liter and 95 octane by 36 cents , while the price of diesel will rise between R1.52 and R1.69 per liter.

Tomorrow will also take effect the R1.50 reduction on the General Fuel Levy (GFL) that the finance minister announced last week, which is why the increases for gasoline are so low.

The decrease in the fuel tax means that this tax is now R2.44 per liter where it was R3.94.

It could have been worse

However, according to the Automobile Association (AA), the price of all fuels is still rising across the board and it could have been worse if the GFL hadn’t been cut.

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From midnight tonight, 95 octane will cost R21.96 per liter in Gauteng and R21.24 on the coast, while the maximum price for diesel in Gauteng is now set at R21.01 per liter and R20.39 on the coast.

“As the country approaches winter, paraffin to illuminate will now cost R15.84 per liter in Gauteng and R15.02 on the coast, dealing another blow to the poorest who use this fuel for heating, cooking and lighting,” he says. the AA.

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Civilian organization Outa says the impact of rising international oil prices following the war in Ukraine would have brought the price of a liter of 95 octane gasoline in Gauteng to around R23.40 by tonight if the minister hadn’t. reduced fuel withdrawal.

The minister also announced in his budget speech in February that the general fuel tax and the road accident fund tax for next year will not be increased.

Outa says that if he didn’t, consumers would have paid another 35-40 cents more from tomorrow.