The bishop slams the buying of votes in Palawan

Bishop Socrates Mesiona of Puerto Princesa. (AVPP Ugnayan via CBCP News)

Just three days before the elections, on Friday a Catholic bishop sounded the alarm over news of rampant vote-buying in the province of Palawan.

Without naming names, Bishop Socrates Mesiona of Puerto Princesa said some politicians are using the money to influence voters.

“As Election Day approaches, I am concerned about the news about the open use of money to win the votes of the people,” Mesiona said in a pastoral letter published Friday.

The bishop then reminded the people not to accept money from candidates in the elections, reiterating that their votes are sacred.

“Don’t be fooled by money,” Mesiona appealed.

“We also remain vigilant so that truth, goodness and peace prevail in our society,” he also said.