Foodservice Machine Giveaways : seal the win

‘GP PRO,’ the company that specializes in efficient, reliable, and hygienic solutions for businesses and foodservice stations, has announced the ‘SEAL THE WIN’ sweepstakes campaign. The company is giving away five of its ‘Auto Sealers’ as rewards for five lucky foodservice operators throughout the sweepstakes. The Auto Sealers are machines that provide a clean, reliable lid for to-go cups that has tamper-evident technology. This ensures the security of to-go beverages for food delivery purposes, as the customer will be able to tell if their drink has been opened.

Foodservice operators can enter the SEAL THE WIN giveaway throughout the month of May online at the SEAL THE WIN campaign page on GP PRO’s website. On top of this, GP PRO will host a booth at several food conferences and conventions throughout the month. Foodservice operators will also be able to enter the campaign through these booths.

Image Credit: GP PRO