The battle for the Indians in the central plains

Locals in Euroa seem reluctant to talk about politics, unless you are at the golf club or the “good coffee” café in town.

A panel of candidates at the Indi headquarters held at the Euroa Golf Club (Image: The Euroa Gazette / Dale Mann, Private Media)

“Things have really started to change around here with dog walking protests,” says Jeffrey, seated at the large Table of Knowledge on Weekend Local, the “good coffee” café on Euroa’s main street.

Jeffrey, retired teacher, 40 here, neat gray beard, apothecary glasses perched on his nose, is not holding court, but in a way he is, with the usual breakfasts around him: Jennifer, retired academic; Alan, an honest hippie with gray hair pulled back and a David Crosby mustache; and Ted, a retired businessman.

“Who organized it?”

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