Business Talk – Bianca Botes on the main Forex trends

Bianca Botes is a director of Citadel Global, South Africa’s foreign exchange specialists.

Botes began her career as a treasury advisor and later became Head of Treasury for Exchange Capital.

It now focuses on helping Citadel Global’s clients navigate the challenging forex market by building client-centric strategies that deliver unique optimal results for each business.

In this episode of Business Talk, Botes explains how the rand ignores common trends usually found in other emerging market currencies.

It then discusses recent rand specific trends and its forecast for the currency in the coming weeks and months.

Botes also talks about the effect of the South African economy on the rand before outlining the best-case scenario for the currency.

Then she discusses the foreign currencies that excite her the most in 2022 and touches on the effect of the Russia-Ukraine conflict on the Forex markets.

Botes concludes by talking about how Brent crude prices affect the Forex markets.

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Watch the full interview with Bianca Botes below.