“Fuck, Uncle Tom!” A sea of ​​angry far-left pro-abortionists set their sights on the black pro-life at the New York protest [video] – twitchy.com

Previously, we told you about the life advocate who has been verbally and physically harassed from a crowd of angry pro-abortion protesters who didn’t care about her recollection that pro-abortion goddess and Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger was a rabid racist whose rabid racist legacy survives in targeting the minority communities of Planned Parenthood.

Those protesters actually dared to call pro-life racist for pointing this out. Almost as if they didn’t care about the true racism and racist roots of the American pro-abortion movement.

Almost as if pro-abortion activists are hoping that if they scream loud enough, you won’t be able to hear their racism:

“Your mother should have fucking swallowed you!” “Ya fucking Uncle Tom!”

No wonder these people get so angry when Margaret Sanger’s racism is raised, hitting them close to home. Too close for comfort.

We doubt it. Unless, of course, he could find a way to make the black pro-life the assailant. We shouldn’t really go all out to try.

But realistically, we don’t expect any indignation from Joy Reid or Roland Martin or Elie Mystal or any of the usual suspects whose critique on the right is “white supremacist racist!”

Because for the devoted pro-abortion, the culture of death gets the better of everything.



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