Nikole Hannah-Jones’s attempt to frame the pro-life movement as “religious righteous” and RACIST goes SO wrong –

Fighting abortion is racist. Well then that’s fine.

In full transparency, we somehow thought Nikole Hannah-Jones would go this route, probably portraying people who want to end abortion as racists because he’s so often on the wrong side of history, but you know, it still fools us when let’s see how many people not only read it, but take it seriously.

He clearly has no idea what he is talking about when it comes to the pro-life movement. Either that or he refuses to acknowledge that most people who oppose abortion do not do so because of religion. They do it out of respect for humanity.

But that doesn’t support his insane outlook on life …


You know Biden wanted to keep schools segregated, right?

But wait, there’s more.

You’d think she’d be more concerned with how Margaret Sanger and the Planned Parenthood movement targeted black communities, and even now their clinics tend to be in these same communities, but you know the whole religious law is the real problem.

Don’t make that face, we didn’t write it.

We’re not sure what the hell he’s saying, so … yeah.

Strange, right?

That. ^

nailed it



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