Eric Swalwell says when the GOP stopped banning abortion, “they want to ban interracial marriages too” –

We have already told you that Democratic Representative Eric Swalwell is having a lot of trouble working out the Supreme Court’s perspective of issuing a decision that would overthrow Roe v. Veal. He’s saying crazy things like “women”! But that wasn’t even scratching the surface of the brain damage he apparently suffered during his meltdown.

We’re not doctors or anything, but according to our diagnosis, Eric Swalwell suffered some sort of psychotic breakdown as a direct result of a head-on collision with his own butt. But don’t take our word for it; see for yourself:

We fully agree with Eric Swalwell that you should probably vote. Especially if you’re voting to get him out of office, because hell lost him (assuming he ever had it to begin with). Do Republicans Want To Ban Interracial Marriage? Would you like to show your work on that, Eric? And please don’t forget to include how Judge Clarence Thomas fits into that equation.

You mean the white woman he’s happily married to? Yes, the GOP’s campaign to ban interracial will come as great news for her. And to Judge Thomas, no doubt.

Even the raw hot dog gif hitting the girl in the face would be quite appropriate in this situation.

Indeed, the Republicans have not banned abortion. Indeed, Roe v. The overthrow of Wade would mean that policy regarding the legality of abortion and the parameters within which abortion would be legal would be in the hands of the states. And in California, of which Eric Swalwell is a congressman, gov. Gavin Newsom has already promised to fight tooth and nail to get the abortion factory to churn out dead babies for generations to come.

So Eric can talk about an abortion ban. And he can do the same with regard to the ban on interracial marriage. Good God, it’s just a chore.

This sums it up pretty well:

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