“an affront to the rule of law”

Mark Dreyfus, who will become Attorney General if Labor wins the election, has attacked the conduct of Bernard Collaery’s trial and questioned the public interest in its continuation.

Shadow Attorney General Mark Dreyfus, 2021 (Image: AAP / Mick Tsikas)
Shadow Attorney General Mark Dreyfus (Image: AAP / Mick Tsikas)

Shadow Attorney General Mark Dreyfus has intensified his criticism of the Morrison government’s persecution of Bernard Collaery as demonstrating “a strong double standard that is hostile to the rule of law.”

Dreyfus spoke on Saturday at the Australian Bar Association conference, which was attended by many of the country’s top lawyers, including judges from the High Court, Federal Court and state supreme courts. Attorney General Michaelia Cash refused to attend because he was too busy attacking the independents of the eastern statepreferring instead to send a taped message to reveal the government’s achievements – Dreyfus targeted the government’s destruction of the rule of law in nine years and three attorneys general.

Recorded message from Attorney General Michaelia Cash (image: provided)

His comments on the continuing prosecution and harassment by the government of Collaery were particularly harsh, with Dreyfus singling out the conduct of Commonwealth representatives in the trial, which was characterized by delays, vexatious litigation, attempts to thwart efforts. of Collaery to ensure legal representation and a denial of the requirement that the Commonwealth be a model contender, so much so that three judges separately criticized the legal representatives of Christian Porter and Michaelia Cash. As Dreyfus noted:

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