Wonkette’s weekend chat will only drizzle lightly on your parade

Welcome May! This week’s live chat has been pre-recorded (but not yet in front of a live audience). I’m in California this weekend and the hotels aren’t great for streaming. Robyn was kind enough to chat with me before I left for the airport on Friday. The good news is that I survive my first flight since the start of the pandemic. Flight attendants wore no masks but made sure our bags were completely under the seats in front of us. Safety first!

This week, Robyn and I discussed the funny Girl revival on Broadway, which is disastrous (he tells me). There’s no point in remaking Funny Girl unless you’re recreating parts of it in an adaptation of Barbra Streisand’s majestic life.

Don’t worry: we get to discuss politics, such as the “X-Files” episodes of the 1990s that seem to have influenced various QAnon conspiracies and the selective confidence of conservatives in government.

The fun starts at 12pm PT / 3pm ET. Like, share, subscribe and all the goodies


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